MY SCIROCCO STUFFS - (only a sample of what I have....but still plenty)

Area by dining room table.........


0 (91K)


Copies of lots of ads hang over my dining room table....


1 (100K)


And a very small collection of little Sciroccos.....but certainly nothing too much....


2 (34K)


Place mats featuring the Sciroccos from local cruises....


3 (60K)


Lots 'o Keychains!!


4 (101K)


5 (98K)

And I scanned the keychains....'cause I thought it might look interesting:

....and it did....and the front of the "Hot One" keychain:

...and the bronze Scirocco keychain....:


This first poster is from the '78 fold out Scirocco brochure .....


6 (87K)


7 (109K)


And here is Shocky's old plate....they make you get new ones every seven years here.......He was really attached to his DRM-686 identity, poor little guy!


8 (415K)


9 (69K)


And here are a bunch of my car books....I have a bad habit of collecting anything that says Scirocco on it!



And I was finally able to get a decent pic of my periodic table of elements poster....


b (124K)


and the 2nd poster is from a is huge.... 


c (156K)


This is stuff I have already scanned into my website except for the '78, '79, '80 brochures and the mags you see pictured here....


e (91K)


This is full of stuff I need to scan into my website:


f (69K)


...and the green model....


g (60K)


...and the yellow model


h (53K)


i (21K)


j (59K)


k (24K)

.....and my latest toy......

..and almost done: AMT model kits (there are two different ones here)...


l (110K)


m (90K)


n (92K)


o (127K)


p (98K)


q (95K)


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