And a big thank you to Chris Delong at Fine Tuning Performance for getting me such a good deal on parts!

Although the stock Motronic engine management system is pretty nifty and quite capable, there were some limitations that led to the decision to go with aftermarket engine management such as the immobilize, fly by wire throttle, and lack of tuneability except by chipping.

I decided to go with the DTA P8PRO which should be able to handle everything the AWP has to offer and then some.  It can do boost control, idle speed control, coil on plug ignition timing, and if I were to install wheel speed sensors, traction control.  It has a big enough load vs. RPM matrix for accurate control of both ignition and fuel and it has an air fuel ratio target matrix so it effectively auto-tunes.  Plus the software is user friendly and pretty to look at. 

I purchased my DTA from Wayne Seixas at The Power Group (954-448-6258), after Allan at DTA recommended him as an east coast distributor.

DTA P8PRO engine management system

I decided to go with an intercooler from Bell Intercoolers.  It has a 2.25'' core, with a core path of 6'' and an overall height of 11'' with an overall length of 17.5''.  It weighs 6.1 lbs and flows 411 cfm at a pressure drop of 1 psig.  According to Bell Intercoolers, this guy should support up to 300 hp and he fits just perfect in front of Shocky's radiator. 

Bell Intercooler - 6'' x 17.5'' x 2.25'' core area

Stuff to make intercooler tubing

For exhaust, I went with the stainless steel Techtonics 2.5'' exhaust system with Borla muffler.

Techtonics 2.5'' exhaust with Borla muffler

Stock vs. Techtonics

Stock Exhaust

Stuff to make downpipe

The clutch that came with the engine/tranny was toast.  Instead of replacing the dual mass flywheel and stock 225mm clutch (which from what I hear is short-lived under the torque capability of the AWP), I decided to replace everything with a VR6 228mm Clutch with a single mass light flywheel (14lb instead of 22lb) from ECS. 

ECS Clutch Stuffs

Clutch master cylinder

Clutch disk and throwout bearing


Pressure Plate

For suspension, I could only afford Bilstein shocks and struts and H&R springs.  What I really wanted to go with were Koni Coilovers, but due to the ever increasing cost of the parts for this engine swap, I settled for what I hear is an acceptable suspension setup.  To help stiffen the chassis, I decided to go with the Autotech subframe, hollow 25mm front sway bar, and hollow 28mm rear sway bar.

Bilstein Shocks and Struts

H&R Springs

Autotech subframe

Autotech front sway bar

Autotech rear sway bar

In the brakes department, I went all out with an Audi 25mm master cylinder, 11'' Corrado rotors, and Audi dual piston calipers.  Shocky decided he didn't want drums anymore and so I got him a rear disk conversion kit.  I also got the Autotech stainless steel braided brake lines.

25.4 mm Audi master cylinder

11'' Corrado rotors

Audi dual piston calipers

Rear Disk conversion kit

Autotech stainless steel braided brake lines

And of course new gaskets and misc. stuffs like head bolts, wheel bearings, and steering component odds and ends.....



Engine Removal

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