Since we were pretty much dead in the water on the engine swap for the time being, Dan and I set our sites on non engine swap related components of Shocky's restoration/upgrade. Our focus would be the rear brakes and the first thing on the list was to get rid of the old drums in the rear....:

Next, we assembled the rear shocks and springs...

And then onto Shocky they went:

And  finally, the new rear disks went on as well as the new parking brake cables....

The last thing on the rear suspension list was this rear sway bar from Autotech.....

Autotech may have a good design with their swaybars, but getting those little polyurethane bushings on is a bitch  Another problem is the getting that black bracket installed.  Dan started cursing up a storm and really fighting with the bracket so I hightailed it out from under the car and turned my attention to another pressing issue:  Shocky's mud flap.

So, some of you may have been wondering if Shocky was trying to make a fashion statement with his hip "I only have one rear mud flap" look...?  Nope, he isn't a fashion rebel like that.  Actually the story behind that is the screws that were holding it in place were badly stripped out...So, while Dan battled with the sway bar, I set my sights on getting those bastardly screws out so I could free Shocky of the thing once and for all....  After much cursing on my part which almost drowned out Dan's cursing, I finally was able to free the last screw, and off came Shocky's mud flap....and a whole bunch of other crud too!

Dan had finally managed to wrestle the bracket into place and so with the mud flap gone, the sway bar installed, new rear disks, and new shocks and springs, Shocky was mostly done in the back....

....and So Shocky and I said our good-byes until April.....When I left this is what he looked like...a little sad, isn't it?  But those are spiffy shocks he has on now!


Engine Swap

April Engine Swap Progress

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