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Shocky Jr. – The best little trooper of a Mk 1!  Now with a new front end, a 20VT, and lots of performance upgrades.  Mk 1 Sciroccos are the best cars ever!







... well...since I need to take the dash out anyway...I might as well...oh!...and I have been meaning to redo the stock wiring...and if I am going to waterproof Shocky, I should probably coat the rest of the floorpan and firewall with the rust encapsulator.... but I don't want to miss any spots....I had better take out the rest of the interior stuff like the heater fan blower unit.... and if I am gonna finish the front I better do the rear area too..... I really should take out the back seat....and I really need all this wiring out of the way to get to the interior firewall.... guess I had better take all the fuse panel wiring out along with the fuse panel...and I really want to seal the floorpan/firewall/interior.....I’d better get this carpet adhesive isn’t coming off...gosh, I’d better use the wire wheel instead....oh...hmmm...gosh, there goes some paint in addition to the adhesive....and so now I start looking around and what do I see? RUST so um.... I kinda started to wire wheel away the rust spots but I haven't finished the carpet adhesive yet and now I am gonna have to do something about feathering the edges of the painted hatch area so I can do some primer and then finally yeah....and I WILL NOT...WILL NOT be doing the hatch!!!  (yet) (I hope) (I really hope)  < bad, bad Kirsten >


Love Metal?  Check out this Periodic Table of Elements:  Periodic Table


Need Metal?  For all your fabrication needs






Added the October swap page – no narration really, just pics.  Decided that 7 years was long enough to wait and it was ultimately going to be pics only or nothing going up.



Updated various pages, continued working on overall revamping, and added pages for Shocky’s specs, BOV install and Headliner Creation.



Still working on it…..Revamping whole website as well……



Updates coming soon…..



Finally got another one of Shocky’s swap pages done.  August non engine swap related progress is now online… might be wondering what happened to the July pages…they um….are still a work in progress… many things going on right now that are taking up my time…..<sigh>  and, I am STILL working on the project from hell!  Description: 1crysad



Added pics from Waterwagens 2005.



Well, what started as an innocent intent to merely put a few grommets in my firewall kinda exploded into a multitude of projects....Shocky is very naked right now and all of my time is going to getting this project from hell finished.



Just got back from DubWars 2005......



Just returned from ND 2005 and also uploaded pics from a local cruise.



After a long delay in updates...I am at it again.  Added a Turbo Comparison page, which has pictures comparing my GT30R to the GT28RS, K03s, and T3/T04E.  Finally finished my June Non Swap Related Progress page.....



Finalized my turn signal pages with complete info on amber, clear, smoked, and custom colors now available as well as pricing information. 



Added a Shocky Updates page with some of the things that have happened since my October visit to MD.



Added temp pages for K03 Downpipe, GT30R Downpipe, and Intercooler Piping.  Updated Wiring Details page to reflect changes made to DTA wiring after going to a wasted spark setup.



Finally got my June Wiring page up.  Also made links to my temp pages for the Clutch MC Install and Shifter Mount.  Started working on a pending revamp of the swap page navigation…but I am so tired right now…must get two hours of sleep before work….<sigh>



Added an overview of my Scirocco Brochures.



Final update to Turn Signal Info page…actually, more like a new page all together. 


Please help out a fellow Scirocco enthusiast who had his ’87 2.0L 16VT stolen and gutted.  The hope is to find some of the parts and put the bastards who did this in jail.  You can find the relevant info here:  STOLEN ROCCO!



Went to Southern California VW GTG….put up two pages of pics:  Pre-GTG and GTG.



Finally putting external link up for my temporary October page….If ever there was an exciting page….this would be it.  SHOCKY NOW RUNS…DRIVES….MAKES BOOST…..OH…YUMMY, YUMMY BOOST!!!!   Description: yummy   (on video too even)



Added Waterwagens 2004 Page which are pics from this year’s Waterwagens VW/Audi show.  Added Waterwagens Videos which are streaming video clips from the show like the racing and also walk arounds of various Sciroccos. 



Finally have June Engine Swap page up – YAY!



Put Latest Pics of Turn Signals up which has some pics of the turn signals that the shop just sent me…….Posted a Temporary Rear Mount Page a while back but didn’t note it on here.



Put July Temp Page back up and added August Temp Page as well.  Both these pages have videos and pics that are updates on the progress of my engine swap that are temporarily going to have to do until I get the rest of my swap pages done.



Added a Wiring Details page which exhaustively goes over ALL wiring that is done for the entire swap.  Many hours of work went into this page…..and the wiring itself for that matter….



Added two completely non-tech pages to Shocky Jr.’s Restoration and Upgrade Adventure Chronicles.  First one is just a bit of fun and some pics from meeting one of the local (MD) Scirocco list members: A Visit From Matt.  Second page has pictures I took on the trip home from my June visit to MD.  Although not Scirocco related, these pics are pretty damn cool!



This isn’t really an update…just an update on why there are no content updates to my website as of late….Unfortunately, due to personal problems there will be delays in website updates for a while…but hopefully that will come to pass.  Soon.  I have a whole ton of stuff to put up, it is just a matter of getting it edited/photoshopped etc. and then uploading it.  Don’t give up on this site though!!!  I am not about to let it fall into the Vortex of un-updated sites left and forgotten…..  Description: 1crysad



Okay….back from my June visit…1,700 pics to show for it…..(eek!!)


Finally got April’s Engine Swap Progress page up and also added Wiring and DTA page to Shocky Jr.’s Restoration and Upgrade Adventure Chronicles

Added Road to Cincy, Cincy, Accident, and Rich's Scirocco 20V pages which cover the Scirocco gathering they call Cincy….



Added Metal page which has pics of metal!  Beautiful metal!!  (if you don’t love metal…you wouldn’t understand)



Updated Scirocco Tattoo page (again)…..

Updated Scirocco Stuff I Own with my newest toy…….!



Added another pic to Pics à Misc Pics section

Added Beautiful Stock Mk 1 #2 page featuring Jody’s Mk 1 in the UK

Added a Discount Sets page to the Turn Signals Section



Added Driver’s Side Mount page to Shocky Jr.’s Restoration and Upgrade Adventure Chronicles



Added a page for the new smoked color samples and amber ones as well, although I don’t need input on those – but definitely need it on the smoked!

Added a page for the Shop’s bonding issues solution – again, need input here people!!


Added a page that shows my house as it relates to Sciroccos – nothing boring…All Scirocco!!






Well, still no Engine Swap 2 pages, but something interesting…..check out my Scirocco Tattoo…



Okay, so I didn’t get the last two pages up that night…but one of them is up now Shocky’s Non Engine Related Progress for April



Added a Guestbook…..Please sign it for a lonely little Scirocco owner in need of her Scirocco…..



Revamped Lots of my Website.  As you can see, I consolidated a whole bunch of links into the navigation frame on the left so that multiple windows aren’t needed to peruse my site….There are anchors at the very top of the page to each major heading within the frame for easier navigation.  Some content that I redid in terms of layout that may be of interest to some…In Particular: 02J, 02J Tranny Build, and Shocky's AWP


Restructured Brochures Sections:  1975, 1976, 1977, 1981


Added Shocky Jr.’s Restoration and Upgrade Adventure Chronicles: aka My SciroccoShocky Jr. which go into a lot of detail regarding “Who is this Scirocco they call Shocky Jr.?” and also “What is that beautiful engine that is going in him?” – 2 more pages and I will be caught up with his current status….hope to add these tonight



Added Page Featuring First Pair of Turn Signals to be Sold: First Pair Sold! (finally)



Added 1 Article to Early Mk 1 Articles

Added 2 Dealer Promos to Dealership Literature

Added Turn Signal Status Update Page



Added PDF Files of all Brochures Etc. so everyone can download and save them on their computer



Added another Brochure to 1976 Brochures Section

Added 1976 Dealer Literature to Dealership Literature Section



Finally Added 02J Assembly Pics + One Comparison Pic in 02J Tranny Build Section



Well, after a MONTH without DSL (@#!$#@!! Earthlink!), I am finally back online with a different DSL provider….

Added Karmann Postcards section to Ads Section which has postcards featuring Karmann cars

Added Ad to Early and Late Mk 1 Sections

Added 5 or so Articles to Late Mk 1 Articles Section

Added 1 Article to Misc., Early Mk 1, and Mk 2 Sections

Added Pics to Ads-Pics Section



Added 02J Tranny Build Section which documents the beginning of an 02J rebuild (disassembly only)

Added more pics of engine, head, intake and exhaust manifolds, etc. to Shocky's AWP section

Added a bunch of ads to Late Mk 1 Ads Section

Added 1977 Brochures to Brochures Section



Added pics of Turn Signals on Car to Turn Signals Section

Added Shocky's AWP Section which is the beginning of documentation on the AWP engine



Added 1981 Brochures to Brochures Section



Added 1976 Brochures to Brochures Section

Added article to Early Mk 1 Articles section



Added another ad to Early Mk 1 Ads Section

Added Misc. to Pics Section

Added Brochures Section with 1975 Brochures to start what will be a painstaking endeavor



Added turn signal pics from new shop to Turn Signals



Added more articles to Early Mk 1 Articles section

Added more articles to Mk 2 Articles section



Added Wiring Diagrams for 1978 and 1979 to Technical Data Section

Added an awesome Periodic Table of Elements to the Home Page (yeah, kinda geeky – but check it out)



Added another article to Mk 2 Articles section, Misc. Articles section, and Late Mk 1 Articles section

Added 1.8T to Pics section

Added Tranny Build which documents my recent tranny building experience



Added another article to Early Mk 1 Articles section

Added two pics to Ads > Pics section



Added years 1975 – 1980 Tune up Specs to Technical Data section



Added 1978 Sidewinder Dealership Literature and 1979 VW Lineup Literature to Dealership Literature section

Added more stuff to Technical Data section

Added more stuff to Misc. Articles section

Added another article to Late Mk 1 Articles section



Added more stuff to Technical Data section

Added another ad to Mk 2 Ads

Added another section under Ads: Pics which has pictures of Sciroccos that aren't ads but don't fall under other categories

Added Pics section which includes pictures from ND 2002 and one of the most beautiful stock mk1s I have ever seen that was at ND




Pics from Seattle and Portland Cruise Outs

Shocky Jr.'s Restoration Adventure Chronicles

Mk 1 Brochures for every year – These are taking forever to scan in

Whatever else doesn't overwhelm me to scan right now 






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